Characteristic Different Types Personality

Characteristics of the Different Types of Personality the 4 main temperments

Understanding the 4 archetypes The notion of the four prototypic personalities is actually quite old concept, dating at least as far back as the great Greek physician Hippocrates (370 BC), and reinterpreted by many otheres, even going so far as to interpret them in terms of animal personas. The four main catagories are: Sanguine Melancholy Choleric Phlegmatic A great resources for more information can be found in Florence Littauer’s books, such as:

sanguine Sanguines are those whom you might describe as expressive, light-hearted or fun loving. They are the “people person” and the “life of the party”. Sanguines work well with people but may not work so well on their own, but they really excell at doing things in public (eg. drama). Things to be mindful of when it comes to sanguines are they are impulsive and scatter brained. They do not like to say ‘no’ to people and therefore can sometimes take on more than they can handle – not finsihing what they started. That same desire to be “a people pleaser” also means that can sometimes avoid confrontations.

Rules are somthing that sanguines sometimes like to flaunt, and when it is time for them to account for it, they might try to charm their way out of it. It can be very hard stay mad at a sanguine. If you are a sanguine parent it might be hard for you to discipline your children because you want them to like you. If you have a sanguine child it will likely be important that you will want to keep them accountable and often remind them of their tasks and obligations. melancoly The melancholy type is the analytical, deep thinker. They tend to be well organized and serious, but have an appreciation for the arts and music. They have high standards, often to the point of idealistic. At the same time they can be sensitive to other people to the point of self-sacraficing. Melacholy children can be perfectionists and aim to get everything right. There attention to detail can be remarkable and literal. If you say something, the melacholy will keep you to the word. It is important to take care what you say to such a person because they have the habit of replaying situations and conversations over and over in their head, analyzing what was said, what should have been said, and what was meant by what was said. Be careful of speaking in absolutes to melancholies – use “always” and “never” with caution around them.

When a melancholy says they will do something you can almost bank on it. When they give praise or criticism it has real meaning because they are very often someone “of few words”. It is important on the other hand to praise them and give them lots of affirmation because they are easily isolated – that could well be their Love Language. If you are a melancholy parent, be careful that you do not withdraw yourself from your children, particualrly if the house isnn’t the way you want it or things are not going exactly according to your schedule. Be flexible and willing to change. Do not be offended or insecure if people question why you homeschool, otherwise all this will tend to leave you feeling somewhat depressed. One quick word about interating with other personalities. Melancholies tend to be well suited for sanguines or phlegmatic types, but cholerics, owing to their lack of sensitivity can be hard on the melacholy, so that can be something to look out for. choleric The choleric is the natural leader. They are assertive and strong-willed. As children they are independent and confident.

They are goal oriented and highly competitive. My youngest son, competes with our middle son alot, and when you combine his choleric nature with his Birth Order, you get a highly volatile mix If you can teach your choleric child right and wrong, and then steer them on the proper course for their life, just watch them go. They will be unstoppable. They will lead from the front, have no problem with other people disagreeing with them because “they’re all wrong anyway”. That is why it is critical, as a choleric child that strong moral foundation be laid early before rebellion takes root. That being said, cholerics often have a quick temper and can run roughshod over other people. Sensitivity is not their forte.

They often do not like to admit their wrong and can be inflexible. If you are a choleric parent, beware you do not shout at your children or speak harshly or rudely to them if they don’t do things the way you want them to. You should be especially in tuned with your child’s Love Language, and work hard at giving what they need. Be careful you do not force too much on your children, because you think it is good for them (I know there is a balaance here of course), asthe most gratifying learning is voluntary. Be quick to apologize and slow to anger. Think of your listeners’ feelings before you speak. phlegmatic The phlegmatic is the “easy going” low-key personality. They are often calm, cool and collected, quiet but can be witty (read dry sense of humour). They can be patient – not too concerned with the vagrancies of life, but possess an “iron will”. Watch out for passive aggression. Phlegmatic children are competent and steady, peaceful and agreeable. As such they can be good peacemakers.

However they can be unethusiastic and indecisive, wanting to avoid responsibility. Unfortunately they can also be selfish and sarcastic. They can be very pedestrian and non-interactive. As a parent you might want to keep a close eye on their working habits – ensuring they have a good work ethic and maintain a high standard of work – not just enough to get by. If you are a phlegamtic parent, be careful that you do not be too lax on discipline and forgoe this responsibility onto the other spouse. Although it is nice to be the “good time Charlie” parent it is important to be mindful on this element of your personality. Phelgamtic parents also don’t mind if they keep a disorganized home and maybe a little too easy going . Just like children, phlegamtic parents may resist change.

Private School Vs Home School

Private School vs Home School comparing advantages and disadvantages

Advantages / Disadvantages –

1 Free both parents up to work. Mind you you will probably need to do this because school fees can be very expensive, particularly at the eilte schools. However, cost associated with private schools does not seem to be a major reason why parents choose to homeschool. See the Top 7 Reasons for Home Schooling in the 3Alumni network Probably the biggest power of private schools is the networking. There is no doubt this is strong. In th UK, the top schools had affiliation with the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, indeed spots were reserved for Etonians (alumni of Eton) for instance. The same was true with some US boarding academies and the Ivy League Universities. The same network can help secure jobs and high positions. For homeschoolers, this is not able to penetrated as it is for public school children. You’ll just have earn your success on the basis of merit, or do as many other home schoolers do, and start your own business.

In summary I am convinced that home schoolers have to potential to offer their children the best any private school has to offer and train them to be a leader in their given eendeavour and in the community in general. statistics section. advantage / disadvantage – 2 A Better education than a public school. Clearly private school students by and large do better than public school, but they still do not do as well as home schoolers. But they still rely heavily on texts and still are “preparatory” for university which means you learn how to write exams well. I remember writing lots of exams, but forget much of the material which I was tested on. Oddly enough, the material I remember best is the literature we read, and I can still remember poetry I enjoyed at school. There is a strong sense of expectation of success at private schools.

As John Taylor Gatto suggests they do a much better job than their public school counterparts in preparing their students for positions of power and thus they tend to end up there. I would argue home schoolers can take it a step further and actively build a personalized curriculum and environment for their children. As mentioned in the K-12 section , most public school students recieve 7 minutes a day of attention. It’s probably more at a private school but may never reach that of a home schooled student. But this sense of expectation often evolves into a twisted sense of entitlement. Students can come to expect they are “owed” the good things in life. They expect to lead those who do not go to private school. advantage / disadvantage – 3 Diverse and more positive social experiences Absolutely true.

One of the advantages of private schools over public schools is that they are able to expel students and eliminate negative influeneces more than public school. I find that private school students still get into alot of trouble with drugs and alcohol as do public school students, maybe they just do it with a little more sophistication. Wasn’t it a party of English boarding school students in Lord of the Flies ? Just like their public achool counterparts they are still dependent on peers. Private schools however are excellent at training their students in the art of politeness and social decorum – both of which you can teach your child at home. advantage / disadvantage – 4 Students are offered great Absolutley true. As a parent you would have to work hard to meet the same expectations. field trips and extracurricular

Absolutley true. As a parent you would have to work hard to meet the same expectations. advantage / disadvantage – 4 Alumni and History In my opinion the biggest advantage of attending an elite private school is that the child very often has the opportunity to meet and mingle with students of economic and social priviledge.

This affords them the chance to realize that such position is attainable – even if it is not what motivates them. Furthermore, the best schools have a culture or history of success with their students and alumni that implants a sense of expectation, even entitlement in their students. This is a powerful psychological tool to build esteem, the student belongs to an institution that promotes excellence. The network of contacts of “old boys” that a student develops can open doors of opportunity that those who are not familiar with the system can only begin to imagine. The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” takes on enormous significance. In the UK, the top schools had affiliation with the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, indeed spots were reserved for Etonians (alumni of Eton) for instance.

The same was true with some US boarding academies and the Ivy League Universities. . For homeschoolers, this is not able to penetrated as it is for public school children. You’ll just have earn your success on the basis of merit, or do as many other home schoolers do, and start your own business.

What To Do If Youre The Victim Of A Drunk Driving Accident

Although experts say that 30% of Americans will be involved in some type of alcohol-related car accident at some point in their lives, most people who have never been in such an accident can’t conceptualize what it would be like. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident you are probably well aware of the amount of suffering that they can lead to. You may be wondering how to get the help that you need to move on with your life, or you might be worrying that your loved one will never have a “normal” life again.

Here are some tips that might help if you’re struggling with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident:

Know that you aren’t alone. People who have been through such an ordeal experience a surge of concern and help from friends, but after the initial influx of sympathy is gone ,the victims are still struggling. However, there are community organizations, drunk driving victims’ support groups, pastors, and counselors in your area who you can turn to if you need additional help.

Focus on getting the fullest recovery possible. There may be many things vying for your time and attention as you try to get back to your usual schedule. Don’t sacrifice your health during this important period of recovery.

Hire a trusted attorney. Working with a lawyer who has successfully handled other drunk driving lawsuits can allow you to get the resources you need to get better. You can let someone else – who has more experience – do the negotiating with insurance companies, doctors, and the person responsible for your injuries.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Upper Eyelid Lifts Eyelash Expansions As Well As Therapies For Wrinkles

Just what do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see beautiful eyes framed by thick long lashes and bordered by smooth taut skin? Or is the reality sporadic brief eyelashes, sagging eyelids and surrounded by creases? As we obtain older the last is just what we are much more likely to be seeing in the mirror.

If you’ve obtained lots of money to spare there are a number of cosmetic solution to take care of eye issues, such as upper eyelid lift surgical treatment, eyelash extension sets, or eye crease therapy. The downside with these remedies apart from the cost is that not everyone is eager or enthusiastic concerning going under the knife, or also carrying out a program of shots.

From personal experience I can tell you those shots for eye crease therapy pain, no matter exactly how much neighborhood anaesthetic cream you put on to numb the sensation. I didn’t have the Botox injections mine was an all-natural dermal filler as I felt the Botox sometimes looked a bit fake, but both of these types of eye wrinkle treatments involve shots.

In regard to eyelash extension kits undoubtedly they could cause an instant effect with lengthy thick lashes, but they still diminish after a couple of weeks the same as your regular eyelashes. So for an unique occasion perhaps it’s rewarding, however having recurring eyelash extensions is pricey.

Whilst I am on the subject of eyelash expansion kits, one other thought to keep in mind is take care just what length you pick. I had actually an established fitted for special night out and naturally wished to look my ideal so picked the long dramatic ones, they looked wonderful but just what I really did not realise was that they would drive me crazy catching on the top of my eyelids. So in hindsight the result had not been worth the irritation of being so conscious of having them on my eyes.

I can’t give you a personal introduction of an upper eyelid lift since I haven’t experienced that, yet I would suggest if you are considering this radical action check out your intended cosmetic surgeon thoroughly, make sure she or he is totally approved and also talk with them initially concerning any kind of problems you may have. Having a top eyelid lift is a big step in my publication as well as I would want to be completely particular I was in the very best hands.

The good news is that you don’t need to have plastic surgery, eyelash extensions or unpleasant shots to accomplish lovely eyes there are organic painless as well as affordable solutions offered to all three of these wrinkle, eyelid as well as eyelash issues, which don’t entail physicians or surgical treatment.