Advocare Weight Loss Program: Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Eating breakfast is a key component to any successful weight loss program. The Advocare weight loss program is no different. Simply put you must eat breakfast to lose weight. Many people erroneously think that by skipping meals they can cut a few calories out of their diet and lose weight. In reality by skipping meals, especially breakfast, you run the risk of actually gaining weight. Our bodies are like complex machines created by God to handle the different challenges that we may encounter in life. One such challenge is starvation. God has placed a coping mechanism to lessen the effect of us eating less food and starving to death. Our bodies will slow its metabolism, store energy and store fat so we will not starve to death. Therefore, if we begin to skip meals and eat dramatically less food, then our bodies will not burn fat but retain fat causing us to gain weight. By the way, that fat is typically stored in your belly. In other words you need to eat breakfast to eliminate belly fat.

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Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Well it is the “break” of the “fast”. Upon breaking fast you must fill your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to jump start your body and mind. After a fast your mind and body are sluggish and need fuel to get going. Breakfast is the fuel and charge to get you going. You lose weight by burning fat. You burn fat by revving up your metabolism so that your body will burn the fat. Not only do you need to eat breakfast to lose weight by increasing your metabolism, but you want to be at your peak mental awareness and the proper breakfast will help you achieve that.

What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

Eating breakfast is a general rule to lose weight. But like eating any meal it is important that you eat the right foods in the right quantity. Yes quality and quantity are both important. Many people eat the wrong things for breakfast and they eat too much of it. An important thing to remember is that you want to eat a healthy diet. That means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains vs processed foods, nuts and beans. Stay away from sugar, salt, and excess fat. For breakfast that means we avoid white flour pancakes and waffles, meat and pastries. We want to eat fresh fruit, fresh juice, oatmeal, nuts, 100% whole grain bread, etc. And as always drink water. drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day starting even before breakfast. Above all avoid the fast food breakfast. Avoid the McDonald’s, Duncan Donuts and even Starbucks substitute breakfast. The reason coffee in the morning is so popular is because we crave the pick me up to get us going. Coffee, pastries and pancakes are not the answer. They are not healthy on lots of levels and they are detrimental to your weight loss program.

But, I Just Do Not Eat Breakfast!

There are many of us that just do not eat breakfast. For you I would suggest one of two options if you just will not eat breakfast. The first option would be to juice. Purchase a juicer and juice fresh fruit and vegetables to start your day. You will get energy and nutrition in a quick drink. I juice everyday and it helps my energy, metabolism and weight loss. Not only that, I know that I am getting an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to keep me healthy. The second option is advocare meal replacement shakes. They are a nutritional supplement to breakfast that will give you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to “break fast.” The advocare meal replacement shakes will give you the proper mixture of carbohydrates (pancakes-waffles-toast-etc), protein (meat and eggs), and fiber we need for a healthy jump start to our day.

Are Not Top Ten Healthy Foods For Fat Loss

In this first part of my Top Ten Healthy Foods Article and my review of Testoprime that you can find here, I talk about what many of us perceive as healthy food for fat loss. Let’s get started.

Not Top Ten Healthy Foods #1 – Cereal

Dry box cereals will not help with fat loss. Cereal is processed food and is loaded with refined carbohydrates. With the combination of high carbohydrates, low fiber, and protein, your insulin levels will be elevated and less satisfying as far as hunger is concerned.

Of course, if you are substituting cereal for a breakfast option like a fast food place, you will see a change for the positive in your health. However, if you take that one step further and substitute the cereal with high fiber fruit and high protein like a protein drink, you will see positive changes not only in your health but also in your waistline.

If you just can not seem to get away from cereal in the morning, stick to a more natural option like oatmeal. Oatmeal has more natural ingredients and a higher fiber-to carbohydrate ratio. This will make you feel fuller, longer.

Not Top Ten Healthy Foods #2 – Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are horrible for fat loss. They are not natural and completely foreign to our bodies. They will increase your hunger and if you are hungry all the time, it will be very hard to stick to your diet.

Not Top Ten Healthy Foods #3 – Sports Drinks

Besides the artificial sweeteners that are mentioned above, sports drinks contain a host of horrible ingredients that will tamper with your fat loss success. Some of these ingredients include…

  • High fructose corn syrup, linked to diabetes
  • Yellow dye number 10
  • Brominated vegetable oil, interferes with the metabolism of iodine
  • Oil of wood rosin.

Not Top Ten Healthy Foods #4 – Coffee

  • Coffee does a number of things that might hurt your fat loss goals such as…
  • coffee is an inflammatory food
  • coffee depletes minerals from your body
  • coffee raises blood pressure and cholesterol in some individuals.

Not Top Ten Healthy Foods #5 – Granola

I’m not sure why granola is considered a healthy food. It is loaded with sugar and fat. It is obviously not a great choice when you want to keep your waistline small. Granola and cereal are very similar. Today’s granola contains high fructose corn syrup. This ingredient is also found in soda which can lead to a fatty liver and diabetes.

How To Build Your Mma Sports Workout Program

Building your MMA Workout Program from the ground up:

This is one of those questions that I am asked a lot so I thought that I would write a little about it.

Here are the 5 Steps in building that I use in my workout for the different sport(s) that I do which is mostly MMA. These are what I tell people to do:

1) Break down the different components of your sport.

  •  What kinds of movements are required?
  •  What kinds of strengths and conditioning are required?
  • What techniques do I perform constantly?
  • Which muscles do I use (even the little ones)?
  • What movements do I use (am I slow and calculated or explosive)?
  • Does your sport require you to hold a piece of equipment? What equipment do I use?

2) Search for Drills and exercises that pertain to the questions above and do them. Learn from people who know!!!!!!

Answer these questions and then do research.

This is the information that Coach Ray and I have researched and used in our programs and our student’s/customer’s programs as

It is important to learn from people who know because that is how injuries happen.

For example: when I first learned Olympic Lifting I was living in Kamloops BC. I then moved back to Vernon BC to train where I continued this style of lifting. I used to do it once a week on Fridays so that I would have the weekend to recover. I then went there on Saturday and some guy who had seen me do it the day before was doing power cleans without instruction or asking questions. This guy A) put on too much weight and B) nearly killed himself with poor technique and in between each set was holding his back because he had strained it. I stopped him and told him to not continue and to start out with more basic techniques until he properly learned how to do them. I save him a lot of pain but he was still hurting a week later from his poor performance because he assumed that what he was doing was right without asking the people who know.

I have also seen this with people who don’t know teaching their bad techniques to others who think that they are doing it right. Actually, it is heavily practiced in MMA. Oh, by the way, I realize that there is a difference between not knowing and having different techniques. Those who actually know their techniques will always be able to answer the question “Why do you do that?” Those who can’t always answer the question properly don’t truly know.

3) Cross Train

Just because you are building those muscles that pertain directly to your sport or your MMA style doesn’t mean that you should neglect your other muscles. Those muscles and strengths that you don’t use in your sport still act as supporting muscles and strengths. YOU STILL NEED THEM so train them. Even if you train these only 10-15% of the time it will still benefit you in the future.

For example: I came across this problem with my conditioning. I was in incredible shape and then I started working my core. Apparently, this was my weak point because once my core became stronger my cardio and speed went through the roof (relative to my past conditioning). I wasn’t doing much different but once those muscles were able to support the beating I gave them, suddenly it made my life a lot easier. Out of no where, I could spar harder and faster and for longer.

4) Take rest days (sort of)

Your body takes a big pounding when you are training for sports especially MMA. You need to give it a day to relax and recover. Otherwise, those nagging pains won’t have time to heal and you will be stuck with them for a very long time.

Overtraining is one of the biggest reasons people A) get injured and B) stay injured.

Now, when I say take a rest day it does NOT means sit on the couch all day and do nothing. You still need to get out there and get active. You still need to keep those muscles moving and stretching. What can you do to both get your rest and stay active? Go for a walk or light jog is a big one. This is great especially if you have a family or significant other. It allows that time for you to get out and be active while spending time with them. Trust me, they will appreciate it especially if you have ignored them all week to train.

5) Fix Problems when they come up and don’t make them worse.

I know that it is hard especially after training so hard to get to where you are but if you are injured then take the necessary days off and allow your body to heal.

Women And Six Pack Abs

Women are often labeled as strange, weird, or vain if they want six pack abs. The quest for a flatter stomach is often the most important part of a weight loss program. Physical appearance is very important. You see, there is nothing wrong with wishing for great abs. Because you are curious and search how to attain them is enough to know you are a health oriented individual.

Six pack abs is not only for men. More than ever women are as well qualified to have a curvaceous body and then a noticeable abdomen. However, are they achieving this in a safe healthy way?

Seldom women are found to be using fat burner supplements for menwhich boost testosterone levels and trigger the hormones. They hamper the feminine hormonal system leading to several complications. But evidently, some of them are best to provide a ripped body with more lean mass than the fat and cellulite. It is just a matter of proper guidance and using them if direly necessary. 

Why Women Should Be Careful About Ripping Their Abs

Your health is typically one of the most precious aspects in a person’s life. With its degradation comes several potentially severe conditions which may stop one from getting the best out of their life. Starting an exercise routine focused on trimming fat from your mid section is absolutely a great idea. However, there can be negative consequences. It is important that an utmost caution should be practiced. If you ask why, the details below.

Ripping the abs intensely may affect the hormones. This is a negative effect it lets us know that high intensity abdominal training may not be the best practice for women. The low percentage of body fat is not at all good for their bodies. The intensity of the work out is the major problem.

Digging Deeper into the Effects of Excessive Abs Exercise

By and large, a woman who dreams of having the flat abs generally means that she has to have body fat less than 18%. Some women even settle for 12% of body fat. What’s important part is that a woman’s body needs a certain amount of fat so that it can function well. If there is a very low level of body fat, there is a tendency is for the sex hormones to become disrupted. Excessive exercise often leads to dangerous health issues which the woman may face. So high intensity core exercise that cause women to lose too much body fat is detrimental to their health and should not be a part of their weight loss program.

The term amenorrhea is the health condition that develops as a result of the intense exercise routine that a woman does when in fact her body fat level is dangerously low. This condition refers to the stoppage of the menstrual cycle which is often related to the stress fractures, less bone density, and worse yet, infertility.

A lot of women usually find it hard to conceive simply that flat abs may put their health at risk. It is to be understood that women are conscious of their self image. Therefore a flat stomach and strong core is important but the must know there are limits, even for women body builders.

Get To Acknowledge The Benefits Of Tattoo Numbing Cream 

The only thing that has stayed permanent now and then are making the paintings on the body or specific area. The older people specialized in depicting their lives, and in following the cult and traditions, they drew tattoos on themselves. These days common man is being curious about these tattoos and indulging in getting one to themselves.

Permanent and temporary tattoos

Many people are confused about the two varieties of tattoos available in the market, as temporary tattoos are moody and are interested in changing the design once in a while. These tattoos ink is temporary and may remain for some time, but the permanent ones are made by scribbling the skin with a sharp needle and getting under the skin and filling the scribbled space with the ink. The process produces a tattoo that exists throughout life. And the scribbling can cause pain, but there is a solution.

Numbing lotions

As it is known that permanent tattoos are the reason people feel pain, whenever the skin is poked, it may cause pain and suffering, and the nerves would transfer the feeling of pain to the brain. But the tattoo numbing cream soothes the nerves and neutralizes the signals; hence, the nerves cannot be transmitted, and the brain cannot feel anything, causing a numbing feeling. The lotion reduces pain and extends the time to heal.

Let’s get to know the various benefits of numbing creams.


The many benefits of these types of special creams are as follows:

  • Comfortable

As discussed earlier, the best way to not experience pain is through these creams. To avoid tattoos is not an option now when there is such a method to escape tyranny.

  • Quick tattoos

The tattoos sometimes take time, and the time can be troublesome for people getting scribbled for a long time. To be ready to get the project complete, one has to bear the process, but the numbing lotion help in the quick and smooth delivery of tattoos.

  • The choice for everywhere

 People usually get tattoos on their outer parts, which are exposed and do not cause much pain, but many are interested in getting tattoos on their sensitive areas, resulting in another degree of agony. Numbing creams give an option to have tattoos anywhere on the body.

  • Cost-effective:

 Anything is cheaper than the pain and suffering a person’s faces. Usually, these creams do not cost that much and fit in the pocket easily.

These numbing creams are made from materials that are non-toxic to the skin and function as pain-freezer. One must get them before getting a tattoo.