Building Relationship- Success Probability

The topic of relationships has been done to death in literature and movies where people have now become bored of listening to it. Nowadays people are hardly interested in watching a blown out of proportion love story like the Titanic and want to focus on realistic stories.

That being said, a relationship that stands the tests of time is quite realistic where two people spend their whole life battling problems meted out by fate and emerging victorious in the long run.

It isn’t as easy building a relationship as it is in breaking it at a whim, which has become a common practice these days and none more so than youngsters. Why even those bonds that have been strong for decades tend to wither away due to circumstances.

Brief Study

The strength of a relationship depends upon the background of the people that are in it. There are those that mistake infatuation for true love while there are those that are confused about it right from the word go but give in to pressure from the elders.

Then there are those who start it out as good friends and take it to the next level as and when love blossoms. In marriage there are some that fall in love and get married after a brief period of courtship.

Then there are those that have an arranged marriage and fall in love over a brief period after getting to know each other well and accepting them for what they are and so on.

Some relationships are quite fragile and break apart within a short time because there are some that are overly optimistic about it despite things not working out. There are some parties that are manipulated into entering into a relationship and are accordingly abused.

Bear in mind that women are always at the receiving end of an abusive relationship as the men folk too can go through it especially in current times where domestic violence can go both ways.

People often quote religious texts like Gita and Bible when talking about a relationship and there was a recent news report that quoted Christ where he allegedly mentions that there are 3 keys for having a strong, positive and long lasting relationship.


  1. The first key is to have a strong relationship with god where you have to believe in him that he will look after you. He is testing your willpower by putting obstacles in your path and see how you handle them
  2. Then you need to forge strong bonds with your near and dear ones as they will help you in your time of need and provide moral support during bad times
  3. Lastly, you need to have a strong relationship with yourself where you have to be goodhearted and think good of everyone as only then can you do your duty without shirking them off

These 3 keys will help you have positive relationships with everyone because their basic foundation is love. Today’s youngsters only think about live in partners, Phallosan Forte and contraceptive as they believe that everything starts and ends in the bed.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.