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Free moments are few and far between in our busy schedule where we hardly have time for ourselves let alone family and friends. It’s easy to say that you have to take time out for everyone but to make it happen is a different matter.

Nonetheless, it goes without saying that the free time that we get during office hours are the best ones to put your mind at ease by listening to music in your mobile playlist that contains all of your favorite songs.

People have broadened their horizons in terms of their musical taste where you can find them opening up to music of not just their native country but that of many different countries.

Mp3 Juice is a renowned website where you can gain access to almost every song available at the current moment right from the modern day blockbusters to old school classics of long gone eras.

Site Analysis

Even though we all love music from all over the world, we are biased to the ones that are our favorites, which they are because they tug at our heartstrings and prove to be a soothing balm not just to our ears but the heart and mind as well.

This is a mark of an evergreen song that withstands the test of time and what better place than Mp3 Juice to enliven those moments by looking up some of the most popular songs along with obscure and forgotten melodies that are lying in the depths awaiting to be discovered and respected.

Mp3Juice is from where you can download free music by typing the name of the song or artist in its search engine and the results will be displayed to you in a flash along with a brief description of the situation and concluding with the lyricist and music composer.

The search process may take a while and much longer if you select all the sources available on the site. You need to type the correct song lyrics in the search engine and the results will pop up in few seconds with numerous YouTube videos and audio format.

The video quality of the song video depends on the person who has put it up on YouTube and sometimes it is so bad that people are content with the audio so if you’re experiencing the same problem then type the name in the URL and click ‘search’ so that it converts into audio format following which you can create a playlist file and download them.


You don’t have to subscribe or register to mp3juice to get access to songs and videos to download them. If you want to download songs and don’t know where to look then this sight is a good place to begin.

An added bonus is that you can learn about many more websites on the forum along with the user reviews to prove that it is arguably the best website to download music because there are many websites where you have to get paid subscription to get their stuff.

Tips and tricks bet you didn’t know about spotify!

Spotify is a song, podcast, and online streaming service that allows you accessibility to streaming music and much other content worldwide.

Spotify streams is a legitimate way to listen to the podcast and listen to custom playlists. The firm licenses recordings from major and minor record companies for its enormous music library. It pays the rights holders an undisclosed amount, depending on how heard each track is.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, with thousands of customers just a few months after its introduction. In today’s world, that figure is easily in the millions. And, with so many people using it, it’s understandable that not everyone is aware of all of the best Spotify tips and tricks.

What are the tips and tricks of Spotify?

  • One of the most appealing features of Spotify streams is the ability to build a proper social group by utilizing some of the most popular social media networks. You can now connect all of your online friends that have been indicated to you. You could see what people are listening to if you follow them, and they can see what you’re listening to if you follow them.
  • You can also change the frequency of your music streams in Settings, which is related to sound quality. You may also fine-tune elements like intensity, intensity, and bassline, but these selections are found on the Performance tab of the app settings.
  • Another great little option on Spotify is broadcasting individual messages to the people containing your songs. You’ll need to choose a person to whom you’d like to give this playlist, and that you can even add a personalized photograph to it. It wouldn’t be one of the best or most crucial Spotify tips, but you can’t deny that it is beneficial.
  • It is unnecessary to have Spotify’s app downloaded and installed or a Laptop to listen to the music available. Of course, the web version improves the experience significantly, and several of the functions discussed above are only available on the app. Still, the web version may be a viable option as a last alternative.
  • Provided you’re still devoted to Spotify; you’d like to make use of Spotify’s custom tracks, which can provide a richer experience than building the songs and albums yourself. A section called Created for You is at the head of Your Account. It contains a weekly playlist, a compilation of big releases Spotify believes you should check out, and a sequence of daily mixes highly impacted by what you’ve previously been hearing.

These are among the most excellent Spotify tips and techniques you can apply, and they will undoubtedly improve your song audio quality. Another Spotify method is to collaborate with your friends and make a playlist. Spotify is a lot beyond a songs service. If you have a user account, you can access thousands or even millions of recordings on topics ranging from entertainment to athletics, culture, music, and more.

These episodes are accessible both in the apps and the computer browser, making it simple to find and subscribe to your favorite shows and access the most recent episodes, no matter where you are.

Advantages and disadvantages of watching anime online

Anime is a special kind of Japanese animation produced to be shown either on TV or online. There are hundreds of anime produced every year in Japan. A few anime are extremely popular worldwide, such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball-Z, Hunter x Hunter, Berserks, etc. An anime is originally developed from its Japanese comic counterpart known as Manga. 

You have two options to watch anime. You can either download it, or you can decide to watch it online. If you want to watch it online, there are plenty of websites you can browse on the internet. You can go for 9 anime in this regard.  Before you proceed to watch it online, there are several pros and cons of watching online that you must know. Some of such advantages and disadvantages are given below for your convenience. 

Advantages of watching anime online

Plenty of paid and free websites are there where you get to watch anime whenever you want. There are thousands of anime available on such websites. You can either use your PC or smartphone to watch any anime that you want. The experience is likely to be amazing for you. Regarding pros or advantages, there are plenty that you must know.

  • 24/7 Access

The first and foremost advantage or benefit of watching anime online is its availability. It is there 24/7. Hence, you can decide to watch any anime anytime you want, day, night, or other times. All you need is a device like a smartphone or a computer with a fast internet connection, and you are set to go. This is certainly a great advantage as it allows you to watch it from anywhere and anytime. 

  • High quality 

If you want, you can watch anime online in HD quality. In this case, various paid websites or apps provide you with chances to watch anime with different legal streaming features. As this content are legal, there will be no legal implications for you. You can set the quality as per your convenience and requirements. 

  • No system sources required

To see anime online, you are not required to have any system sources at all. All you need is a smartphone or PC along with an internet connection. You can either watch it on some website or install some app on your smartphone. Watching anime in this way is never likely to put any load on your PC or phone. 

  • Added subtitles

As compared to watching anime after downloading, you get to have added subtitles (of English or any other language) in the anime if you proceed to watch it online. You are not supposed to add subtitles separately. This makes your job quite easy and efficient. 

  • No storage needed

Compared to downloading, if you wish to watch anime online, you are not required to have any device storage separately. You can watch it directly from a website or through an app. It is surely known to be quite a benefit. 

Disadvantages of watching anime online

Other than advantages, there are some disadvantages of watching anime online as compare to downloading it. You can explore about 9 anime

  • Buffering issue

While watching anime online, buffering can be a great issue. Due to this, sometimes it can be stuck or lag, which may affect your experience. It mainly happens due to slow internet connection or sometimes due to some server issue. 

  • Internet connection needed

Internet connection is the first and foremost thing needed to watch anime online. If you do not have a fast internet connection, you will not see it smoothly. Therefore, if you are in some rural or distant place where network connection is slow, you cannot possibly have high hopes in watching anime online. In such cases, watching it after downloading is recommended for obvious reasons. 


It is known from the above discussion that watching anime online has both pros and cons. It would be best if you considered both of these points described above and then decide whether you would go for this option or not. But if you proceed to watch anime, it goes without saying that it will be an amazing experience for you.  

True Meaning Behind Psychic Feelings

There are many people in this world that suddenly have psychic feelings they cannot explain, nor search for their true meanings. They feel it in their stomach very painfully and associate it with bad health conditions and in the end they discover that it’s connected to their spirit and it was a psychic premonition. There could be many psychic feelings as explained on intouchweekly about people, about love and you might also have one with your ex (if any).

We usually have these feelings on special dates, when something is going to happen and these signals are trying to warn us or show us the right direction. You might be tempted to ignore them because they appear as a nightmare, bad thoughts and disturbing images, however, rest assured they are here to help you, to make you realize what is the next best step that you must take in order to improve your life.

Sometimes you might find yourself sad or depressed or even very happy, you may think these emotions are related to those who surround your life, your wife, husband, parents and kids, but in fact, these psychic feelings have different meanings but only one purpose: to guide you into a better future.

In order to interpret these feelings, you need to ask yourself who you are getting from these vibes and what is the reason you are getting them. By answering these two questions you will know why you feel that way and what the relation of these feelings to another person is.

For example, you feel sad when you are near a certain person, you might be very sorry for him or her but just don’t know why. In most cases, this person is sending you messages that he or she needs help. And if you are sensitive enough on a psychic level you might also be able to help them.

Often disheartened by the past, people lose hope in life and do not have the spark to look forward to a better life in the future. Psychics give that motivation in life. They tell you about your future and what you need to prepare yourself. The inspiration you need in life through reading. Psychics could help you on the path to self-discovery and how to heal yourself.