Fix A Marriage With Honesty – Check the essentials

As Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty is a vital ingredient to fix a marriage that is on the rocks. Attraction is what makes you fall in love with a person but honesty is what cements a good marriage. Without honesty, you will lead a meaningless marriage life, one that is full of lies. Prolonged dishonesty will only lead to both of you despising and hating each other. To fix a marriage at its early stage of instability is a must to avoid a divorce.

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Fix A Marriage By Being Honest And Open

Start a relationship by being honest and open. This will slowly become a habit and a routine throughout your marriage. It will help eliminate lying and dishonesty in the future. Honesty also boosts a sense of security for both of you. This will NOT ONLY help fix a marriage but help you bond emotionally with your partner as well.

The truth hurts but in order to fix a marriage, both of you have to agree to be open with each other. Be open in regards to important aspects of your life as a couple. However, be tactful and responsible though because anything that you say cannot be taken back. On the contrary, it can be used against you.

Fix A Marriage By Spending Time Together

You will understand each other better if both of you know each other’s thoughts and emotions. Try to spend time to get to know each other better. Spending time together results in closeness and better understanding. This is what you need to fix a marriage and to build a strong foundation that will weather the tests of tough time.

If honesty is not practiced between you and your partner, trust becomes an issue. It is very frustrating when there are lots of lies in a relationship. This will not fix a marriage problem. Instead, this will breed a sense of insecurity and can lead to suspicion. A white lie is still a lie. When you start lying, this will mount up into bigger lies. Once you are caught with a fib, this will make it harder for your partner to trust you.

It is easy to detect a lie using your own intuition. A change in behavior, thought pattern and body language gives away telltale signs of lying. The eyes are the window to the soul and it will tell all. If your partner can’t look you straight in the eye, chances are he or she is lying. If your partner is being dishonest, he or she will show lack of openness or warmth in his or her own gesture. Remember, you cannot get away with lying; sooner or later it will catch up with you.

To fix a marriage that is caught in a web of lies, both of you must agree to start telling the truth and not to keep any secrets from each other. You and your partner need to make a conscious effort to make it work. Both of you can learn from past mistakes and also try to understand why either partner needed to lie in the first place. Regaining your partner’s trust is definitely going to be difficult but it is very possible if you believe honesty is still the best policy.

Tips On Improving Your First Date Conversation

First dates are usually the hardest. Everything is new so you don’t have any idea how to talk to the person you’re with. Nervousness adds to the equation and so you’d find yourself floundering for conversation topics, often making a mess of everything. The good news is that this doesn’t always have to be the case. First dates can actually be very fruitful if you have planned ahead and know exactly how to approach the conversation. If you’re scheduled for that big first date with a special someone, following are some conversation techniques that could help lead to a second and third date.

Dress Right

The right clothes can tell a lot about you in 5 seconds flat. For a first date, the clean and casual look is usually best. Of course, this may depend on the kind of restaurant you are taking the person. Keep it casual, perhaps a well-known restaurant that doesn’t require dressing up. For males, try to place a reservation to impress the lady. Make sure to arrive on time or perhaps a little earlier to prepare.

Flattery Works

Let your date know that you appreciate the preparation she went through for the occasion. Compliment her dress and any other factor that might catch your attention – but don’t do it too much. Moderation is the key here since overselling the flattery can actually turn her off instead of turn her on.

Watch for Reactions

Observe your date’s reaction and change your conversation techniques according to what you see. There are subtle body movements that can tell you if your date is entertained or bored. Some hints that something is wrong includes crossed arms, nervous movement of the feet and tapping of fingers on the table. Positive signs include smiles, nodding heads and even biting of the lips.

Encourage Conversation

Ask questions about your date even as you answer questions about you. Make sure that the conversation is a two way street by lobbying the ball back in your date’s court. This can be something as simple as asking them the same question you’ve been asked, therefore creating a level ground for comparison. Listen to what your date has to say and react accordingly. For example, if they start talking about their last trip outside the country, you can perhaps ask them where they went and then throw in a bit of information about your last trip.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial during a first date as you both try to assess each other’s reaction. Eye contact also helps convey interest during a conversation. When the pupils dilate, this is also a good sign of attraction and arousal.

Be Sure

Don’t be too indecisive with your actions since this can make you seem weaker and unsure of yourself. Taking too long to place an order or consider the wine also makes nervousness plain for your date to see. Instead, be aware of what you want even before showing up for the date.

Be Aware

Your body language also tells a lot during a date. Don’t fidget too much or do any unnecessary movement. Be natural and relaxed which can be quite difficult at first. The trick here is to arrange yourself in a position you’re most comfortable with before proceeding with the conversation. Pay close attention to what s/he is saying and don’t over think things as this will only make you feel self conscious.

Conversation Suggestions

There are several conversation suggestions that you can try out starting from something as simple as where they work and what they do. Some of the best conversation topics involve favorite vacation spots, what they think of the restaurant, the food and so on. Finding common ground is best because it helps you establish a rapport quickly. Note that the topic of your conversation can be highly useful in case you want a 2nd date. By storing all these personal information about her, you’ll be able to ask for a date in less formal surroundings, perhaps somewhere you both enjoy.

Conversation to Avoid

While there are some topics that are just perfect to talk about, there are also some that should be avoided at all costs. Never talk about her past, particularly old relationships as this can ruin the friendly atmosphere. Instead, focus on the future or recurrent personal pursuits such as hobbies and work.

Get Close

A classic technique to show interest is by leaning forward on the table in an effort to get closer to your date. If they do the same, this can be a prelude to a touching gesture which basically ensures a 2nd date.


Don’t forget to act the role of a gentleman throughout the date. This can be something as simple as taking off her coat and pulling her chair for her. If you slip up, try to laugh it off and return to the lighthearted conversation.

The Bill

This is perhaps one of the most awkward moments during a first date. Should you shoulder the bill or should you split it in two? Typically, the male handles the full cost of the bill but most women will try to pay their share. Be respectful in fobbing her off, perhaps joking around until she lets you handle payment. If she still insists, you can try to joke about her handling the bill on your next date.

Ending the Date

How you end the date is also important and will basically set the stage for any further dates. Typically, you can hug and kiss your date at the end, telling her how wonderful it was and that you should do it again soon. It’s unnecessary to arrange another date immediately, but you should have each other’s number to help with further plans.

Of course, those are just few of the things you need to remember during a first date. Keep in mind that your date will also be watching out for your reactions so be expressive if the situation demands it. This way, you will both find it easier to read each other’s interest.

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Things Women Want In Men Before Dating

Women have different taste when it comes to the type of guy they want to hang out with, they have reasons they believe this is the best guy for me to go out with or have a date with.

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There are some qualities, they see that get them attached to the kind of men they feel is the best for them Even, choosing a friend there are some things that make you to get attached to them.

It’s not possible to have a friend for having sake it’s either he is benefitting from you or you are benefitting from him vice versa. In some cases some are prey to there friend.

Tips For A Successful First Date

What am trying to explain here is there is a particular thing that makes you fall for whom you feel is the best for you amongst every other guy out there. The reasons are written below.

What Women Sees in Guy That Makes Them Feels He Is The Best


Woman cherish when man gives them attention and time, time is precious, so as woman value those that spend the time with them.

Financial Status

When man is financial stable, woman will love to hang out with such man they believe those that are financial stable. They will love to be with such guy.


Being responsible is part of quality lady sees in man.

Responsibility is not only about age it’s all about maturity, how mature you are.


Women loves to be with someone that has freedom.

Freedom in the sense that there are some job that don’t give man freedom, eg police military etc so some women like guys that is free.


Some ladies like outgoing guys though different people with different personalities, while some like outgoing guy, some like shy guy (introvert).


This are the type of guys some ladies can die for, when you are smart and understanding, they believe smart guys run things.


This is what some ladies cherish in guy being handsome. Though handsomeness is not the best criteria for choosing the right partner.

He might be handsome without brain and also without been the smart dude you looking for though some use this in choosing the one they want to be with.


Some base there believe on this they can’t go for someone that’s not too religious. Is good to be religious inclined.


This is one of the hottest guys some ladies want to hang out it being intelligence is what some sees in guys that makes them to go for people like this.


Being romantic is good, when you are romantic girls will surely love to be with you. It’s good to be full of surprises.


Some love to ascertain thau you are not from a poor background, being rich and Wealthy is another ways in which some ladies cherish in guys that makes them to fall for them.

Sometimes background really speaks a lot for some it might be educational background etc. Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

The Truth Behind Heterosexual Love

Boy meets girl. Boy finds girl pretty. Girl finds boy cute. The two start to flirt then they exchange phone numbers, IM screen names, and e-mails. They talk on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, they decide to go out on a date next weekend. They spend the whole day together just talking, talking, talking, and having a great time. Then when it is time to bid each other goodnight, the boy kisses a girl on the lips, girl gets all giddy and excited – end of the story? Of course not, when it comes to heterosexual love in spite of being the norm, compared to gay relationships where you either find two guys dating or a couple of females dating, falling in love with a person from the opposite sex is still as complicated – and exciting just like in any other relationship. And many couples even resort to the Best Male Enhancement pills in order to make their love life interesting throughout their relationships as well. 

The initial step is course the “get to know yous” here boy and girl will finally get to meet, either by accident or through common friends, relatives, etc. Just like any other relationship, this is the most common way that heterosexual love begins. While some people resort to meeting online through networking websites, chatting, or through e-mails, most people still prefer to meet potential mates the traditional way and that is to meet them personally so that they will also get to know them better on a more intimate level. While you may consider penpals dating as something that can be considered as an intimate relationship already – as they are having a correspondence about not just about their lives but basically everything under the sun, there is still of course the possibility that your penpal is not completely being honest with you. While penpals dating does end up developing into heterosexual love they are still not immune to the many complications that will ensue once they start dating in real life.

Love is definitely a wonderful feeling and when it comes to heterosexual love, the most wonderful thing about it is that you need not worry about people raising an eyebrow on your relationship or making you feel bad about loving someone. While this is definitely unfair, it will probably still be quite some time before people start to openly accept two guys dating or a couple of females dating. It is actually ironic that in spite of being in a free world, society still has a say on who we should or should not date. Yes, it is frustrating that those who engage in heterosexual love are the only ones who are able to openly show off their relationship, they are the ones who can get married without question, and of course, they can easily start their own family without generating any controversy.

To be honest, when it comes to heterosexual love back in the olden days, men were expected to provide for the family while the women stayed at home to keep everything in the house spic and span as well as to take care of the kids, but now as gender roles continue to shift in society, it does not really matter who wears in the pants anymore in any relationship, what’s important is that the people involved continue to grow together as two individuals brought together by love.

10 Easy Ways On How To Approach Men Like An Expert

You can be skilled in approaching someone who you believe meets your standards in dating. Here are 10 easy ways on how to approach men like relationship experts do.

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Let the Men Approach You

You do not have to stress yourself finding ways on how you can approach men, when you can always make them approach you instead. Here are the best three tips to do this:

  1. Flash your winning smile. Showing men your pearly whites is a surefire way to encourage them to approach you. It the easiest method, and it is also one of the best ways to break the ice.

Typically, men will only make the move in approaching women if they feel that they have great chances that women will respond favorably. Smiling gives them the chance.

  1. Limit your company to one or two girlfriends. Men are usually hesitant to approach women who are in the company of big groups. They will also not approach you if you have “boyfriends” surrounding you. It is therefore best to limit your company to just one or two girlfriends if your goal is for men to approach you for possible dating.
  2. Use friendly body language to show men that you are approachable. However, what happens after should be a challenge to them. This will enable men to initiate the first move, and then let them enjoy what they usually want – chasing.

Know Your Boundaries

If you decide to make the first move in approaching men, it is crucial that you should never cross your boundaries. Here are the things you can do:

  1. During your initial conversation, limit it to ten (10) minutes or less. It is also important that you do not open up to him and just do small talks for less than or up to the recommended time limit.

Small talks also make it easier for both of you to feel relaxed and comfortable. You may also want to consider using the strategy of disclosing a trivial weakness that will make the other person see you as more human.

  1. Avoid monopolizing the conversation, or talk excessively about yourself. It is also best not to push the other person to share information that he finds too personal or uncomfortable. Another no-no is to ask for the person’s contact number or volunteer yours.

Asking the Person Out

  1. If the person and you are in a club, and he smiles back at you, consider buying him a drink. This somehow encourages him to respond or make the next move to at least approach you and say thank you.
  2. Engage him in a light conversation. During the conversation, ask questions that will allow you to find out what his interests are, and then coolly suggest for something related to his interests that you could do together or spend time with each other’s company.

You can also use the conversation to stimulate the person to make the move to ask you out, if you lack the guts to do it yourself. Drop some easy hints.

Know the Difference between Initiating and Chasing

It is perfectly okay to make the first move in dating and approach the man you like, as long as you know the difference between initiating and chasing. Making the first move in dating does not have to mean that you are desperately seeking for your date.

The simple technique is this: start the conversation just to break the ice and then leave it all up to the person to make all the moves that will lead to dating and a possible relationship.

Regardless if this modern world permits women to make the first moves in the dating process, it is still best that you let men chase you. Men are by nature chasers, as they love challenges. The more challenging you are to them, the greater the chances that they will pursue you.

Here are some tips:

  1. Let him call you after your initial conversation or date. Do not call him.
  2. Avoid being the giver, regardless if it’s your nature. Choose to be the receiver most times.
  3. Never agree to have sexual intercourse during your first date or even during your first three dates with him.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself. When you value yourself highly, you will not do things that will make you look like you are desperately seeking someone to date.

Run from him and you will see him running after you, if he is really into you. No matter how much you want to date someone, you have to take things slowly, and at the same time enjoy the process.

There is always the right person for you. Follow these ten easy methods on how to approach men. Enjoy the process, and in no time, you will see yourself dating Mr. Right.