How To Eat For The Six Pack All Year Round

Keeping yourself lean enough for the six pack to show means sticking to the nutrition plan religiously. After all, like they say, abs are made in the kitchen, and you have to shed the fat in order to display the muscles you’ve built. But sticking to it can be really hard if you need to count the grams and calories every single time. It becomes tedious and many guys just drift away from it adding unnecessary fat as a consequence.

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So what do you do to keep eating for the six pack all year round? You have to simplify things. Keep the same principles of nutrition but make it easier on yourself to prepare your meals and choose what you eat. Here’s a nice trick I’ve learned that really helps me.

Divide the Plate

You know you need a lot of protein for your muscles to grow but you need carbs as well. How much exactly you need you have formulas to calculate based on your weight and activity. And that’s how you go insane. Drop the formulas and instead, simply divide the plate visually. Fill half the plate with proteins and the other half with carbs. Your portion will vary based on your size and activity level but you can feel how much you need by the good old fashioned hunger. The proportions is all that matters.

To stay lean you have to really watch the carbs. So when you fill that half the plate with carbs, use about 2/3 for non complex fiber carbs, and only the remaining part for starchy complex carbs.

So for example, for a meal you would have grilled chicken with veggies. Fill up half the plate with the chicken, then 2/3 of the other half with veggies or salad, and for what remains you can add some rice or sweet potatoes, or pasta, whatever you like.

Prepare in Bulk

Virtually all fitness trainers will advice you to prepare in bulk and that’s a good advice. It’s easier to fill up the plate when you have plenty of food to choose from. Of course, don’t keep the food for weeks lest it goes foul, preparing just for a couple days ahead is enough.

When it comes to following a diet, it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you keep things simple like this, you can sit on it all year round and enjoy your fit body without periods of gaining fat, then shedding it and so on and so forth.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.