Reverse Phone- Lockup Module

We are living in times when modern technology has reached a very high level but the peak period is still some time away because the decade of Artificial Intelligence is upon us but it will take its own sweet time to fully manifest itself.

This is similar to the social media revolution in the 2000s when iPhone, tablet computer and numerous platforms gave way to the desktop computer, internet, etc. but mobile phones are unique in their own way.

Speaking of phone, today we are going to talk about a unique topic that not many people would have heard of because reverse phone is one that you don’t hear in your everyday conversation so we are going to see what it is all about.


Reverse phone is basically a telephone directory that contains all the registered telephone numbers of the particular city it is for and most people call it yellow pages along with the customer details.

But one should not mistake it for a standard telephone directory because it helps the users to use customer details that include name, address and basically the bio-data of the residents where users could search for a person with a telephone service number in order to retrieve sufficient info.

The problem is that the few that have at least basic knowledge about reverse telephone directory assume it to be a traditional version of its better known counterpart.

It should be noted that reverse telephone directories are used by people of authority like the law enforcement, army-men and similar emergency services in town so as to search for the person’s location or any request that has been put out by someone for assistance in locating said person or address.

This system includes services that are both private and public so that many common folks can gain more access to them and learn more about its entire process because it is basically a long topic.

There are many times when you would have received a call from an unknown number, which most people block after deciphering the identity of the person from True Caller so you can say that reverse telephone system is the same that was followed prior to the modern day tech in mobile phones.

Reverse phone number is easy to find by searching about it online and the following points are going to be helpful to those that want to learn the process and there was a whole article on Denver post last week regarding the same.

Note Down

For identifying the caller, you have to search for Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup on Google and go to its official website for which the link is and enter your 10 digit phone number following which you click ‘Search’.

To the unknown, Spokeo is the source to lookup phone numbers for landline, mobile, wireless and Voiceover Internet Protocol numbers, which is better known as VOIP.

Sometimes the information may not always be accurate but you can see the name and address of the person free of cost although it is partial.

Spokeo does not provide all the info of the person as it is the job of a third party that is affiliated by the company.

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