The Truth Behind Heterosexual Love

Boy meets girl. Boy finds girl pretty. Girl finds boy cute. The two start to flirt then they exchange phone numbers, IM screen names, and e-mails. They talk on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, they decide to go out on a date next weekend. They spend the whole day together just talking, talking, talking, and having a great time. Then when it is time to bid each other goodnight, the boy kisses a girl on the lips, girl gets all giddy and excited – end of the story? Of course not, when it comes to heterosexual love in spite of being the norm, compared to gay relationships where you either find two guys dating or a couple of females dating, falling in love with a person from the opposite sex is still as complicated – and exciting just like in any other relationship. And many couples even resort to the Best Male Enhancement pills in order to make their love life interesting throughout their relationships as well. 

The initial step is course the “get to know yous” here boy and girl will finally get to meet, either by accident or through common friends, relatives, etc. Just like any other relationship, this is the most common way that heterosexual love begins. While some people resort to meeting online through networking websites, chatting, or through e-mails, most people still prefer to meet potential mates the traditional way and that is to meet them personally so that they will also get to know them better on a more intimate level. While you may consider penpals dating as something that can be considered as an intimate relationship already – as they are having a correspondence about not just about their lives but basically everything under the sun, there is still of course the possibility that your penpal is not completely being honest with you. While penpals dating does end up developing into heterosexual love they are still not immune to the many complications that will ensue once they start dating in real life.

Love is definitely a wonderful feeling and when it comes to heterosexual love, the most wonderful thing about it is that you need not worry about people raising an eyebrow on your relationship or making you feel bad about loving someone. While this is definitely unfair, it will probably still be quite some time before people start to openly accept two guys dating or a couple of females dating. It is actually ironic that in spite of being in a free world, society still has a say on who we should or should not date. Yes, it is frustrating that those who engage in heterosexual love are the only ones who are able to openly show off their relationship, they are the ones who can get married without question, and of course, they can easily start their own family without generating any controversy.

To be honest, when it comes to heterosexual love back in the olden days, men were expected to provide for the family while the women stayed at home to keep everything in the house spic and span as well as to take care of the kids, but now as gender roles continue to shift in society, it does not really matter who wears in the pants anymore in any relationship, what’s important is that the people involved continue to grow together as two individuals brought together by love.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.