Things Women Want In Men Before Dating

Women have different taste when it comes to the type of guy they want to hang out with, they have reasons they believe this is the best guy for me to go out with or have a date with.

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There are some qualities, they see that get them attached to the kind of men they feel is the best for them Even, choosing a friend there are some things that make you to get attached to them.

It’s not possible to have a friend for having sake it’s either he is benefitting from you or you are benefitting from him vice versa. In some cases some are prey to there friend.

Tips For A Successful First Date

What am trying to explain here is there is a particular thing that makes you fall for whom you feel is the best for you amongst every other guy out there. The reasons are written below.

What Women Sees in Guy That Makes Them Feels He Is The Best


Woman cherish when man gives them attention and time, time is precious, so as woman value those that spend the time with them.

Financial Status

When man is financial stable, woman will love to hang out with such man they believe those that are financial stable. They will love to be with such guy.


Being responsible is part of quality lady sees in man.

Responsibility is not only about age it’s all about maturity, how mature you are.


Women loves to be with someone that has freedom.

Freedom in the sense that there are some job that don’t give man freedom, eg police military etc so some women like guys that is free.


Some ladies like outgoing guys though different people with different personalities, while some like outgoing guy, some like shy guy (introvert).


This are the type of guys some ladies can die for, when you are smart and understanding, they believe smart guys run things.


This is what some ladies cherish in guy being handsome. Though handsomeness is not the best criteria for choosing the right partner.

He might be handsome without brain and also without been the smart dude you looking for though some use this in choosing the one they want to be with.


Some base there believe on this they can’t go for someone that’s not too religious. Is good to be religious inclined.


This is one of the hottest guys some ladies want to hang out it being intelligence is what some sees in guys that makes them to go for people like this.


Being romantic is good, when you are romantic girls will surely love to be with you. It’s good to be full of surprises.


Some love to ascertain thau you are not from a poor background, being rich and Wealthy is another ways in which some ladies cherish in guys that makes them to fall for them.

Sometimes background really speaks a lot for some it might be educational background etc. Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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