True Meaning Behind Psychic Feelings

There are many people in this world that suddenly have psychic feelings they cannot explain, nor search for their true meanings. They feel it in their stomach very painfully and associate it with bad health conditions and in the end they discover that it’s connected to their spirit and it was a psychic premonition. There could be many psychic feelings as explained on intouchweekly about people, about love and you might also have one with your ex (if any).

We usually have these feelings on special dates, when something is going to happen and these signals are trying to warn us or show us the right direction. You might be tempted to ignore them because they appear as a nightmare, bad thoughts and disturbing images, however, rest assured they are here to help you, to make you realize what is the next best step that you must take in order to improve your life.

Sometimes you might find yourself sad or depressed or even very happy, you may think these emotions are related to those who surround your life, your wife, husband, parents and kids, but in fact, these psychic feelings have different meanings but only one purpose: to guide you into a better future.

In order to interpret these feelings, you need to ask yourself who you are getting from these vibes and what is the reason you are getting them. By answering these two questions you will know why you feel that way and what the relation of these feelings to another person is.

For example, you feel sad when you are near a certain person, you might be very sorry for him or her but just don’t know why. In most cases, this person is sending you messages that he or she needs help. And if you are sensitive enough on a psychic level you might also be able to help them.

Often disheartened by the past, people lose hope in life and do not have the spark to look forward to a better life in the future. Psychics give that motivation in life. They tell you about your future and what you need to prepare yourself. The inspiration you need in life through reading. Psychics could help you on the path to self-discovery and how to heal yourself.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.