What To Do If Youre The Victim Of A Drunk Driving Accident

Although experts say that 30% of Americans will be involved in some type of alcohol-related car accident at some point in their lives, most people who have never been in such an accident can’t conceptualize what it would be like. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident you are probably well aware of the amount of suffering that they can lead to. You may be wondering how to get the help that you need to move on with your life, or you might be worrying that your loved one will never have a “normal” life again.

Here are some tips that might help if you’re struggling with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident:

Know that you aren’t alone. People who have been through such an ordeal experience a surge of concern and help from friends, but after the initial influx of sympathy is gone ,the victims are still struggling. However, there are community organizations, drunk driving victims’ support groups, pastors, and counselors in your area who you can turn to if you need additional help.

Focus on getting the fullest recovery possible. There may be many things vying for your time and attention as you try to get back to your usual schedule. Don’t sacrifice your health during this important period of recovery.

Hire a trusted attorney. Working with a lawyer who has successfully handled other drunk driving lawsuits can allow you to get the resources you need to get better. You can let someone else – who has more experience – do the negotiating with insurance companies, doctors, and the person responsible for your injuries.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.