Women And Six Pack Abs

Women are often labeled as strange, weird, or vain if they want six pack abs. The quest for a flatter stomach is often the most important part of a weight loss program. Physical appearance is very important. You see, there is nothing wrong with wishing for great abs. Because you are curious and search how to attain them is enough to know you are a health oriented individual.

Six pack abs is not only for men. More than ever women are as well qualified to have a curvaceous body and then a noticeable abdomen. However, are they achieving this in a safe healthy way?

Seldom women are found to be using fat burner supplements for menwhich boost testosterone levels and trigger the hormones. They hamper the feminine hormonal system leading to several complications. But evidently, some of them are best to provide a ripped body with more lean mass than the fat and cellulite. It is just a matter of proper guidance and using them if direly necessary. 

Why Women Should Be Careful About Ripping Their Abs

Your health is typically one of the most precious aspects in a person’s life. With its degradation comes several potentially severe conditions which may stop one from getting the best out of their life. Starting an exercise routine focused on trimming fat from your mid section is absolutely a great idea. However, there can be negative consequences. It is important that an utmost caution should be practiced. If you ask why, the details below.

Ripping the abs intensely may affect the hormones. This is a negative effect it lets us know that high intensity abdominal training may not be the best practice for women. The low percentage of body fat is not at all good for their bodies. The intensity of the work out is the major problem.

Digging Deeper into the Effects of Excessive Abs Exercise

By and large, a woman who dreams of having the flat abs generally means that she has to have body fat less than 18%. Some women even settle for 12% of body fat. What’s important part is that a woman’s body needs a certain amount of fat so that it can function well. If there is a very low level of body fat, there is a tendency is for the sex hormones to become disrupted. Excessive exercise often leads to dangerous health issues which the woman may face. So high intensity core exercise that cause women to lose too much body fat is detrimental to their health and should not be a part of their weight loss program.

The term amenorrhea is the health condition that develops as a result of the intense exercise routine that a woman does when in fact her body fat level is dangerously low. This condition refers to the stoppage of the menstrual cycle which is often related to the stress fractures, less bone density, and worse yet, infertility.

A lot of women usually find it hard to conceive simply that flat abs may put their health at risk. It is to be understood that women are conscious of their self image. Therefore a flat stomach and strong core is important but the must know there are limits, even for women body builders.

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Christine Reay is a veteran journalist from Chicago. She works for ANR Miami as the Head of Editorial Content.